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For Our Guests

Monikmar Properties aims to provide a red carpet experience,

with white-glove service, every time.  


Monikmar Properties


We specialize in providing mid-term housing for travelers. Our clientele need a place to call their home-away-from-home without the long-term commitment. 

Whether their travels have them away for work, relocation, insurance claims, or for pleasure, there are many reasons our guests find themselves in need of mid-term housing. 

Our team goes above and beyond to provide a comfortable, worry-free stay for all of our guests. 


The list of things to arrange while traveling can be burdensome and that list can grow longer depending on where travelers choose to call home. 


Monikmar Properties offer the comforts of home, away from home. We provide the essentials our guests need to alleviate that long check-list and allow them to just arrive, get comfortable, and relax. 

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Satisfying Value

Our valued guests can relax knowing our team is available at any time. Our reliable communication and white-glove service add the highest value as we strive to ensure our guests feel safe, comfortable, and welcome.

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