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For Property Owners

Monikmar Properties aims to provide a red carpet experience,

with white-glove service, every time.  

Senior Couple

Monikmar Properties

Property Partners

Are you a property owner in search of the ideal tenant? What would life look like for you if you found them? 

Monikmar Properties partners with owners like you to alleviate the natural landlord pressures so you can get back to whatever you love doing while maintaining that worry-free income stream you dreamed of.


Our partners get to experience a sigh of relief knowing their home is in reputable care. 

Interested to learn more about partnering with us?
Contact us today to see if your property will make a good fit.

How it works in 5 easy steps:

Using a Touch Phone

Step 1

Contact Us!

We are happy to walk you through the process as you decide if Monikmar Properties is a good fit for you.

Signing Contract

Step 2

Sign a lease with

Monikmar Properties.


Step 3

Monikmar Properties will fully equip your space with all the essentials for our high quality tenants.

Colleagues Working in Office

Step 4

We take care of the marketing and vet the most suitable tenants for your property.

Cleaning a Filter

Step 5

Monikmar Properties ensures regular cleaning and maintenance of you property at no additional cost. 

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